Jabra Elite Active 75T Bluetooth Ear Buds Review

I wear a Bluetooth ear piece for 8-12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   Working outside I run into temps from 95°F with 80% humidity to -20°F and blizzard conditions.  I went through probably a dozen different cheap ear pieces and they all failed.  A little bit of sweat and they would short out, some bitter cold days and the plastic would crack.  I bought BOGO offers to try to get a little more time before reordering.

  I finally got sick of it and decided to spend some decent money on a tool I use so often.  I did some research and found the Jabra Elite Active 75t Bluetooth headphones.   These things are great.  They are comfortable, the batteries last a long time and the case is also a battery bank to recharge the ear buds.  I normally go 3-4 days without having to plug in the case.   The ear buds can be used as a pair or with the right one only for using as a hands free device.  You can hook these to 2 devices at once.  This is very convenient when you have a work and personal phone, or a phone and a separate media device.    The sound is great, and they also have a hear through mode when both earbuds are in that tuns on little microphones so you can hear your surroundings with the buds still in.  Sweat shorting them out?   Not a problem any longer as these are waterproof.

One small issue I had that ended up getting resolved was after about 6 months the volume would just start to fade out after 10-15 mins. Some quick internet searches lead me to a tiny hole on the inner part of the bud.  The holes are used for volume equalization. When dirt and grim plug the hole it throws off the balance.  Use a paperclip to clean out the hole and have not had an issue since.

These are on the spendy side (pushing $200 at full price) but routinely I find them on sale at the $100 price point.   Doesn’t take to many throw away pairs at $30ea to make it worth the purchase.  I am going on about 2 years with this set and I would buy another pair in a heartbeat if something happened to these.    Check them out on Amazon here: Jabra Elite Active 75t and we will get a small kickback on your purchase.  They also make a great gift.

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