GQF Sportsman 1502 Digital Cabinet Incubator and HumidiKit

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the GQF Sportsman Incubator if you are serious about hatching eggs. I messed around with the Tractor Supply and other farm and fleet store incubators with varying degrees of success. When I decided I wanted to get into selling baby chicks I knew I had to upgrade. I did my research and this one for the money seemed to be the best bet.

It was a winner for sure. By the time I ended up selling it before we moved it had hatched 1000’s of birds. Chickens, quail and guineas. This incubator ran 24/7 for 7 months at one point without even a hiccup. Three auto turning shelves that hold a variety of tray for different size trays (sold seperately) and a very accurate thermostat made it pretty much set it and forget it. This things holds a ton of eggs: 288 chicken or guinea eggs or 540 quail eggs. It also has a hatching box in the bottom when you put your eggs in lockdown. Managing the water was easy but you had to remember to fill the pan. They had gravity feed bucket kit that kept a tray inside filled but it was still not very accurate on dialing in the humidity for optimal hatch rates.

I ended up purchasing the HumidiKit by Incubator Warehouse. This thing was great. External to the incubator was a bottle and mister and a hose blew the mist into the incubator. There was a very accurate humidistat that also went in the incubator. Set it and Forget it for sure now. It came with 2 bottles so I would swap them and fill the next up right away and whenever it looked low just swap and repeat. I highly recommend this as an add on to make your life easier and improve you hatch rates.

I feel that both of these products are a must buy if you are getting serious about hatching birds. Find them both on Amazon Sportsman Incubator HumidiKit

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