Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill

When I made the switch to whole bean coffee I needed a grinder. I read some Amazon reviews and landed on this one. I used it every day for a couple of years before switching to a manual grinder. It still works like the day I got it and I have stashed it away as a backup. The main reason I switched was we did a power consumption audit before moving into our RV and I found a way to cut this power source out. It was not a reflection of the product or its performance.

The Chefman Electric Burr Mill Grinder has 17 different grind settings to dial in the perfect size for your brew method. I used a #3 for my french press. It also has a generous sized hopper holding up to 2.8oz of beans (enough for a 12 cup drip brew basket). It is easy to maintain and clean, and comes with a free brush. If you are looking for an electric coffee I would recommend this be your choice. You can pick it up on Amazon from our affiliate link: Chefman Electric Burr Mill Grinder

I also have a video showing my morning coffee ritual: Coffee Ritual – Air Roasted, Hand Ground French Press. Food Forest Farms 500 Club Every Morning

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