Manual Coffee Bean Grinder with Ceramic Burr

When I made the switch to whole bean coffee I picked up an electric coffee grinder and really liked it, but when we started monitoring power usage to move into the RV I started exploring my options. I found this hand grinder and made the switch.

With complete control of grind size this grinder can be used for any brew method. I set it to very course for my french press. It takes a couple minutes for my water to heat up which gives me plenty of time to weigh and grind my coffee. The grinder is very easy to assemble out of the box, simple to adjust grind size and includes a brush to clean when needed. This one comes with an extra jar and lid in case you want to pre grind some beans. I have been using this model for some time now and it seems very well made and durable.

Give hand grinding your coffee a try, order your grinder from our Amazon affiliate link today: Manual Coffee Grinder

I also have a video showing my morning coffee ritual: Coffee Ritual – Air Roasted, Hand Ground French Press. Food Forest Farms 500 Club Every Morning

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