Nebo Pal Plus 3 in 1 Flashlight

I picked up one of these after seeing it on a friend’s coffee table. Since then I have purchased a couple more. They are a great little multi purpose item that can come in handy in several different locations.

The Pal Plus is a 3 in 1 tool including a flashlight, knife and USB battery bank. I will talk about each of these features below.

This tool has a nice little flashlight on it with a few different functions. You can turn on the full 400 lumens with a click, or click again and hold to dim down the light. The third option is to double tap the button to turn on a strobe. This could come in handy in an emergency to signal or or make someone aware you are there.

The Pal Plus also comes with a fold out blade. It is not the greatest knife in the world but it serves its purpose. The 3″ serrated blade is made of 420 stainless steel. It is great for opening mail and packages or as a pointy object to have when things go bump in the night. The blade is also removeable it you want to travel with the Pal Plus but can’t have a knife with you.

The third function of the Pal Plus is the 2200mAh battery bank. Move the dust cover to reveal a USB port and a micro USB. Use the micro USB to charge up the battery bank and flashlight. If you need to charge a device you can plug in the USB port a get a decent charge up. Great to have in a pinch when you have a dead phone and need to make a call.

II keep the Pal Plus on the nightstand, in the glove box of our truck and my service van and one floating around the camper. It comes in handy more often than you would think. Check out the YouTube Video I did for my item of the week here: Review Video Click on Pal Plus in the post to pick one up on Amazon from our affiliate link.

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