Episode 411 Coffee w/ Brian A Daily Moring Chat

It’s Hump Day and I have FTO Blonde Espresso in my mug. I can’t stop thinking about that Silver Bullet Blend that was just listed. Today I talk about people being funny on my walks, Renegade Butcher Telegram Issues and my thoughts on using email lists. Leading off with The Perfect Cup Question “WOULD YOU RATHER LOSE ALL OF YOUR OLD MEMORIES OR NEVER BE ABLE TO MAKE NEW ONES?” followed up by LOTS of History prepared by Pip over at Ducktioncups.com.

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LOTS of History

Prepared by Pip over at Ducktioncups.com Show them some LOVE

Happy camel day, humans, Here’s LOTS of history nugs for ya.

  • 1607 – 105 English settlers under the leadership of Captain Christopher Newport

established the colony called Jamestown at the mouth of the James River on the Virginia coast,

the first permanent English colony in America.

He was also in overall command of the other two ships on that initial voyage,

in order of their size, the Godspeed and the Discovery.

Pip’s notes – The Virginia Company had a list of location criteria, The site was

surrounded by water on three sides (it was not fully an island yet) and was far inland;

Both meant it was easily defensible against possible Spanish attacks.

The water was also deep enough that the English could tie their ships at the shoreline

good parking! The site was also not inhabited by the Native population


  • 1822 – Battle of Pichincha: Antonio José de Sucre secures the independence of the Presidency of Quito.

Pip’s notes – Dudes were fighting on the side of a volcano.

Apparently, it was not an active volcano.. that would have been ‘hot’.


  • 1883 – The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is opened to traffic after 14 years of construction.

It was also the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time of its opening,

with a main span of 1,595.5 feet (486.3 m) and a deck 127 ft (38.7 m) above mean high water.

Pip’s notes- I think I crossed this bridge once as a kid. Pretty sure my ears popped.


  • 1940 – Igor Sikorsky performs the first successful single-rotor helicopter flight.

After immigrating to the United States in 1919, Sikorsky founded the

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in 1923, and developed the first of Pan American Airways’

ocean-crossing flying boats in the 1930s.

Pip’s notes- That was a close one, nearly went down that rabbit hole and

learned how helicopters fly.. Maybe later.


  • 1981 – Ecuadorian president Jaime Roldós Aguilera, his wife, and his presidential committee

die in an aircraft accident while travelling from Quito to Zapotillo minutes after the president

gave a famous speech regarding the 24 de mayo anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha.

Ecuadorian Air Force attributed the crash to navigational pilot error.


Birthdays –

  • 1686 – Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, Polish-German physicist and engineer, developed the Fahrenheit scale (d. 1736)

He helped lay the foundations for the era of precision thermometry by inventing the

mercury-in-glass thermometer and Fahrenheit scale. Fahrenheit proposed his temperature scale in 1724.

Pip’s notes- This is why F wins, and not C. It is named after the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (1701–1744),

who developed a variant of it in 1742, 18 years after Fahrenheit.

(clears voice for the Braveheart movie quote..)

Freeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddoooooooooommmmmmm….. units.


  • 1819 – Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (d. 1901)

Her reign of 63 years and 216 days is known as the Victorian era and was the longest

of any British monarch until Elizabeth II.


  • 1868 – Charlie Taylor, American engineer and mechanic (d. 1956)

He built the first aircraft engine used by the Wright brothers in the Wright Flyer,

and was a vital contributor of mechanical skills in the building and

maintaining of early Wright engines and airplanes

Pip’s notes- I think this is the first time seeing “mechanic” in a person’s descriptions on Wiki.

Now, outside of that, I need to find my 10mm socket.

Forget the gnomes & trolls with the unbalanced shoes & missing socks, what horrid

creature keeps stealing my 10mm sockets?!…. Might be the rubber ducks?…


  • 1879 – Harry Burnett Reese, American candy maker, created Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (d. 1956)

Pip’s notes- future question of the day- Reese’s pieces or peanutbutter cups?


  • 1938 – Tommy Chong, Canadian-American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

Pip’s notes- I may take a ‘lunch break’ a bit early, in honor of Tommy.


Passings –

  • 1988 – Freddie Frith, English motorcycle road racer (b. 1909)

A former stonemason and later a motorcycle retailer in Grimsby,

he was a stylish rider and five times winner of the Isle of Man TT.

Pip’s notes – Anyone who’s seen the motorcycle racing on the Isle of Man TT,

it takes some mega-stones to ride, I say.

I’ve had 4 motorcycles, 3 of them I took to the track for private track days.

Oddly enough, those same 3 bikes were the ones I wrecked on….. a few times….

With the age, comes the cage.


Holidays –

  • Victoria Day; celebrated on Monday on or before May 24. (Canada)


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