Consulting and Management Services

We offer several different types of consulting and management services through The LOTS Project. You will find them listed below along with a link to get more information about available services.


Interested in converting your property into an income generating Hipcamp? Whether you have some extra space behind the house or a parcel you have never even seen, The LOTS Project may be able to help you out. Find out more about Hipcamp and our services related to it here. Hipcamp Consulting and Management Services

Getting Started in Cryptocurrency and looking for a guiding hand? Have questions you would like explained in laymen terms? What to add new skills to your cryptocurrency arsenal? Integrate Lightning into your content creation? Check out my Beginner and Intermediate Cryptocurrency Consulting

We also offer on-site homestead and project consulting. Need a hand designing a new system? Want to learn how to butcher those chickens or rabbits? After 8 years on the homestead I have researched, designed, built and experienced a ton of things. Tell me a little about your project and lets see if I can help. Request more info here: Homesteading Consulting

Need someone to bounce an idea off of? Need some brainstorming help? Want another set of eyeballs on a problem? Need another opinion on an issue? I am your guy. Fill out the form to find out more: General Brainstorming Consulting