The LOTS Project podcast is a look inside our life as we try to Live Outside The Systems of control that are all around us. We have sold our homestead of 7 years and moved into an off-grid travel trailer. We plan to travel for at least 1 full year in search of several parcels of raw land to start building a network of permaculture focused waypoints and Hipcamps as we travel. Want to know more? I have 3 feeds to choose from: The LOTS Project (all episodes) LOTS to Talk About (interview only feed), and The Perfect Cup (daily question segment)

Latest Episodes

THE LOTS Project Podcast

The main feed for all Podcast content can be found under The LOTS Project. This consists of a show every Monday through Friday at 6am central. I lead off with The Perfect Cup question of the day (which is pulled out to its own feed) and then into a general discussion about our lives. Every Monday and Thursday evening at 6pm central there is also an interview show. Mondays are recorded live and Thursdays are pre recorded. If you like interview shows theses are pulled out into their own feed too call LOTS To Talk About. All shows are streamed to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Rumble Twitter and Clapper. Be sure to follow on all those platforms.

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LOTS To Talk About

Interested in only the interview shows? I bring on guests of many different backgrounds and discuss a variety of topics. If you want to be a guest on the show fill out the form HERE.

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The Perfect Cup Question of the Day

Every weekday morning I lead the show with The Perfect Cup Question of the Day. I pull it out and publish it on its own feed. 5 to 10 minute clips of my question of the day and my answer. I also include audience feedback as time allows. Add this quick daily podcast to your feed.

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