Comfrey Root Cuttings




10 root cuttings from my well established Bocking #4 comfrey plants. I have propagated numerous plants for root cuttings similar to this. Cuttings are appox. 1-1.5″ long. I try to include extra in the package and always cut a little longer than listed.

This is a perennial and will come back bigger and stronger each year. Bocking #4 will spread slowly and can only be propagated from cuttings as the seed is sterile.

Comfrey uses:
Compost Accelerator
Compost Tea
Comfrey Leaves as Foliar Feed
Use Comfrey Leaves as Fertilizer
Cut and Come Again Mulch
Medicine for Fruit Tree Repair
Reduce transplant shock
Use Comfrey for Bumble Bee Food
Use to break up hard soil
Animal Fodder
Comfrey is an Excellent Producer of Biomass
Know to possibly have medical properties.

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